Here is a FREE copy of my ebook about how to handle a bullying situation before it ever happens. It is based upon the full 212 page paperback version. The paperback and Kindle versions can be obtained on Amazon.

This book covers the basics about what you “should do” and what you should “not do” when trying to teach your child how to handle a bullying situation. I describe what signs of bullying to look for. I list many different things that most parents would never think of as being related to bullying. But these are things that I have learned over a 60 year period of dealing with this issue. I can assure you that each and every one of them do have an effect on your child in some manner in regards to the issue of bullying.

I describe the six basic types of bullying and how to recognize each and every one of them.  It gives you an idea of how to handle each different type of bullying.

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